VGI is continually striving to provide resources and new methods to earn CPE credits in order to provide its members with an opportunity to grow and excel while furthering educational and professional opportunities.


Please review all the documentation available on this site for detailed information regarding earning, recording, and managing your CPE credits.

VGI's certifications

Once you’ve earned one of VGI's certifications (CERMDA, CCARDA, CFADA), it will be important to maintain your knowledge and continue to grow in field proficiency within the spectrum of IT audit and ERM. VGI Certifications represent a significant milestone and members who continually expand their professional development by meeting VGI CPE requirements, find they are better equipped to meet current and future challenges as well as provide leadership and value to their organizations.

CPE's are calculated over a one-year period from the anniversary date of a professional certification. This one-year period is referred to as a cycle. As a VGI Certified professional you are required maintain continued education throughout the cycle.

CPE Resources

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  • Activites
  • Audits
  • Carryover
  • Calculations
  • Ethics
  • Manage CPEs
  • CPE Overview
  • Reporting
  • Requirements

Risk University

The Virtual Governance Institute has created a core curriculum of progressive methodologies and academic content in the areas of Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management and Fraud Auditing to deliver cutting edge proprietary approaches to each of these critical governance areas.


The Virtual Governance Institute has created and is now introducing professional certifications that will identify individuals as leaders in the field of Auditing, Enterprise Risk Management and Data Analytics.


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