Grandfathering Certification Process, Standards and Requirements

Grandfathering within specified VGI certifications is awarded to individuals who demonstrate their competency in a given field. Competency is achieved through a combination of public and professional education and work experience.  In order to apply for grandfathering credentials, applicants must provide verifiable documentation that demonstrates the specified education and experience necessary for certification.

This candidate guide for grandfathering certification provides policy requirements and standardized forms designed to assist the applicant in the certification process by gathering and organizing mandatory documentation.  The forms are to be completed by the applicant and provided directly to VGI via the electronic application process.  Application data provided by the applicant will be used to verify former employers, work experience, personal references, and credentials. 

Certification Process

The certification process and workflow entails the following key items:

User Registration – First become a registered user to the Virtual Governance Institute website. This will allow you to purchase, training and courses, conferences fees and pay for certification grandfathering fees and/or exams fees. Registration is easy and safe at VGI. We only require a username and email address for human status verification. Register at VGI by selecting the Registration button. If you have already registered, please log into the site and continue with the Certification application.
Research Certification Requirements – Each Certification has specific requirements, review the requirements by navigating to the professional or para-professional certification links, then gather required materials to assist in filling out the application. Information requested on the application includes: Contact Information, Professional information such as current and previous employers, Professional References two are required and education and certification information.
Certification Application – Once the applicant has gather appropriate materials then proceed to the application. Fill in all required fields then submit and pay for the application.
Application Verification Process – The VGI board will review the application, verify the information, contact references and validate that payment has been made.
Curriculum Training and Testing – After the verification process the Applicant will receive an email, which will include a link to the specific certification fundamentals course. At the end of the course there is a test which requires a passing score of 70%. Upon completion of the course the applicant will receive the number of CPE’s related to the course Certification.
Certification Awarded – The certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the applications requirements and passing the fundamentals course.


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